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Blythe Dolls


“Blythe is a doll created in 1972 by designer Allison Katzman. Her most unique and notable feature were blinkable eyes that changed color with the pull of a string attached to the back of her head. Blythe dolls were only sold for one year in the U.S. during 1972. She was not very popular and faded from store shelves quickly.

Thirty years after her first release date, Blythe regained popularity thanks to video producer Gina Garan []” Wikipedia


When I first saw their huge faces and glass eyes I though those dolls were the scariest thing I had ever seen. Then I told myself there should have been a reason for an entire dedicated shop to stand in the middle of one of Tokyo’s most famous districts, and here’s the solving of the mystery : Blythe Dolls are the new fashionable trend in collectibles. They’re not plain dolls : they have their own personalities, styles (they can be rockers, cuties, punk or retro style girls), moods and pose for clothes collection and fashion photosets. Trends usually start in this side of the globe…then don’t go around saying I didn’t tell you!

Official site (japanese) :

A fansite (english) :


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Click experience


A click is just a click, but that’s not true when Tokyo.Interactive build the application.

Navigating this essential website you’ll find an infinite number of solutions to manipulate and trasform a click in a fantastic interactive user experience. Use the white space on the top, click on it, and see how a featureless link can be exciting and amazing.

Just the japanes style can be so unique and experimental.

Link: Tokyo.Interactive

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I’ll take a break from style, fashion and makeup to talk about something slightly different today.
This is for any of you who owns a pet and knows how difficult it is to make them look in the camera as you try to take a picture of their cute faces.
しろねこ ( shironeko = white cat) Holga is a Lomo Holga japanese camera designed by superheadz that plays amusing cat sounds when pressing the activation button in order to catch your pet’s attention.
Hard times are gone! Yay!
The camera uses 35mm film (ISO 200 / 400) and works with two AA batteries.
It is also available in orange with the name of “Nya Nya Holga” (nya nya is the japanese meow).
And last, but not the least, it comes in a very nice tin (I absolutely love japanese packagings! you should as well 😀 )
Ain’t it cute?!

Link to the product site : ShironekoHolga

A video demonstration on Youtube

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Candle Night Summer Solstice 2007


Turn out your lights for two hours on the Summer solstice, June 22nd, eight to ten p.m.
Do something special.

Read a book with your child by candlelight. Enjoy a quiet dinner with a special person. Listen to music under candlelight. Take a bath under candlelight. Have a Candle Night party.

Or simply spend time as usual under candlelight.

It is OK to spend time as usual. Do nothing special. Use computer as usual.

This night can mean many things for many people.
A time to save energy, to think about peace, to think about people in distant lands who share your planet.

Pulling the plug open the window to a new world.
Awakens as to human freedom and diversity.
It is a process, finding a larger possibility of the human civilization.
By turning off lights for only two hours, we will be all loosely connected.

Let’s make a “wave of darkness” spread over the globe together.
On the evening of Summer solstice, June 22nd, for two hours from 8 to 10 p.m.

Turn out your lights, take it slow.

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