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Porno Sharing


How many time did you spend on YouTube, looking for sex videos in a sharing community that usually censor adult content? Internet is slowly showing us the true reason of his success especially for the on demand video: The pornography.

Riding this way, following his older brother YouTube, built a great video community where production houses and users meet their own interests. Here, according to your preferences and using the search box, you’ll have the chance to watch thousands of videos to equip with tag tools, handy to attach to your myspace!

Probably to share it in a censored space wouldn’t be the greatest idea, but it can be interesting to take a look at it to discover something interesting like new sex trends or inspirational ideas…



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OhMiBod, I love myself!


Ok, how many of us, during sex, turn up the speakers’ volume to create a unique faboulouse experience for both? In a moment where the attention for ourselves becomes a priority, and the I-Pod becomes a distintive sign, was born OhMiBod, the greatest invention for personal pleasure. The first white elegant vibes, that vibrate following the rythm of your playlist choice. Now the question is, Barbara Streisand or Slipknot?

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Posted by: Umberto Vita

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