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Hair Dryer Pistol at No-Daya

This must be the coolest hair dryer ever constructed. Shaped as a gun, you change the temperature and the power with the lever.


It comes in at least two colours (according to the photos; perhaps even more but my japanese is a bit rusty) – pink and baby blue – at a price of about €25.

Immagine how beautiful to dry your hair with a pistol shaped hair dryer? Just like probably Clint Eastwood did before getting ready for his role as Dirty Harry…No-daya


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Artificial sweetness


I’m falling in love for a Rabbit! It’s my firs time. It’s very easy to worship this lovable white friend with his interchangeable hears. Cousine of Tamagotchi and brother of Furby, Nabaztag is the last technology frontier for artificial intelligents games.

It will probably be the next seasonal torment distributed, of course, first in the US and then sold all around the world. I think that it will come sooner than the iPhone (here in Europe), in the meantime you can buy one at the NabazStore. (he obiouvlsy speaks english). And yes, because he talks, sings, loves and hates your life style, and he’s always learning new things. He can select a playlist for you from a WiFi connection, and you can approve it or ask him to play the next song just using you voice .

Oh my god, there’s more than you can imagine to say, just writing i’m feeling something deep who is growing in myself! Then, Buy or Buy or Buy or wait?

Link: NabazTagWebSite

Store: NabazStore

The video: Digital Bunny

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OhMiBod, I love myself!


Ok, how many of us, during sex, turn up the speakers’ volume to create a unique faboulouse experience for both? In a moment where the attention for ourselves becomes a priority, and the I-Pod becomes a distintive sign, was born OhMiBod, the greatest invention for personal pleasure. The first white elegant vibes, that vibrate following the rythm of your playlist choice. Now the question is, Barbara Streisand or Slipknot?

Buy one at :

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