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Democratic Shopping


How many times your budget constrained your shopping amount and at the end you decided to buy the cheapest thing thinking about future bills (especially when it comes to tech)?. If you want the latest design item for Computer, Ipod, USB memory, you indeed need a great amount of money. That’s not true anymore! After the open source revolution, UNI creates this fantastic modular computer with the possibility to expand it time by time, as your needs change.

“UNI is a compartmentalized computer concept by where most of the important media and computational functions have been broken up into modules. You only buy what modules you need thus allowing for expansion. ”

Click the following link to find out more interesting informations about it.

Website: UNI


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Sometimes it makes us stop!


Sometimes, a picture makes us stop, a photograph arrests us, a drawing makes us forget what we were just doing. We’ve all had this struck-by-lightning moment with an image.

“Roland Barthes calls this arresting potential in imagery the Punctum.
It’s the sensation that floods over us, stops us in our tracks and, if only for a second, blots out everything else. We feel something new and indescribable, suddenly alone with the image. Punctum is not the sudden understanding of what the image ‘means’. It’s our sudden availability, for whatever reason, for the image to create a new meaning in us, just for us. A one-time flash of something we hadn’t felt or understood before. For that moment of interaction we are free and flying and somewhere altogether new.” (IstockPhoto)

This create a deep significant on the work of hundred designers who spent their time to create something more than just a simple aesthetic effect, visit the website, choose the categories and send your design, probably you’ll be the next winner of the puntum contest.

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Get inspi(RED)


From The (RED) manifesto :

As first-world consumers, we have tremendous power. What we collectively choose to buy, or not to buy, can change the course of life and history on this planet.

RED is not a charity. It is simply a business model. You buy RED stuff, we get the money, buy the pills and distribute them. They take the pills, stay alive, and continue to take care of their families and contribute socially and economically in their communities. If they don’t get the pills, they die. We don’t want them to die. We want to give them their pills. And we can. And you can. It’s easy. All you have to do is upgrade your choice.

There are so many (RED) products : (RED) phones, (RED) t-shirts, (RED) shoes and more. All you have to do is choose them, with absolutely no money loss compared to other products, and you’ll be supporting the campaign.

Register at :

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Porno Sharing


How many time did you spend on YouTube, looking for sex videos in a sharing community that usually censor adult content? Internet is slowly showing us the true reason of his success especially for the on demand video: The pornography.

Riding this way, following his older brother YouTube, built a great video community where production houses and users meet their own interests. Here, according to your preferences and using the search box, you’ll have the chance to watch thousands of videos to equip with tag tools, handy to attach to your myspace!

Probably to share it in a censored space wouldn’t be the greatest idea, but it can be interesting to take a look at it to discover something interesting like new sex trends or inspirational ideas…


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Next generation legs


She’s back to life with a few more plastic but certainly real, and I’m not talking about Cher, but Barbie.
Dolly for definition, she keeps having success among  teenagers, mothers’ and everyone who want
to mirror in her perfect proportions.

Leonardo’s wouldn’t approve for sure, but we do.
A world of long legs, cabrio cars, horses with fluorescent hair describe so glamorous sceneries they make us want to revive in a box. is a gift by Mattel for me and for the ones like me that want a different tomorrow, where the only thing to worry about is the colour of our hair or the last shoes’ trend. Someone created an icon of us, why don’t collect it?

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