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Hair Dryer Pistol at No-Daya

This must be the coolest hair dryer ever constructed. Shaped as a gun, you change the temperature and the power with the lever.


It comes in at least two colours (according to the photos; perhaps even more but my japanese is a bit rusty) – pink and baby blue – at a price of about €25.

Immagine how beautiful to dry your hair with a pistol shaped hair dryer? Just like probably Clint Eastwood did before getting ready for his role as Dirty Harry…No-daya


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Democratic Shopping


How many times your budget constrained your shopping amount and at the end you decided to buy the cheapest thing thinking about future bills (especially when it comes to tech)?. If you want the latest design item for Computer, Ipod, USB memory, you indeed need a great amount of money. That’s not true anymore! After the open source revolution, UNI creates this fantastic modular computer with the possibility to expand it time by time, as your needs change.

“UNI is a compartmentalized computer concept by where most of the important media and computational functions have been broken up into modules. You only buy what modules you need thus allowing for expansion. ”

Click the following link to find out more interesting informations about it.

Website: UNI

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Rainbow at home


If you feel sad, and you need a rainbow in your life, you can use this powerful rainbow generator to create a colorful enviroment in your walls.

You can buy your happyness maker visiting the website just for 35.000 Won (approximately $23), another gift idea for your friends and, why not, for your enemies also.

Link: Site

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Simpsonize you!


Switch your summer sunbathing to a yellow face! You should try this powerful flash application created for Burger King that simpsonize you! For real! Become the new Springfield’s citizen just uploading your photo and choosing your clothing preferences for a special meeting with the Simpsons family!

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Il Buddino


To add spirituality to taste here is il Buddino, the single-dose pudding mold shaped like a Buddha.

Nobody&co. created these cool molds to confirm that italian creativity never gets it wrong!. “Buddino” is an italian word game for Buddha+pudding, sort of “Buddhing” in english, I guess. Just amaze your guests by serving a delicious (♥) chocolate Buddino and they’ll like it so much they’ll feel sorry to eat it!

You can buy a set of 4 single-dose pieces that come in different colors (pistachio, orange, chocolate and raspberry).

Info at : Nobody&

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Get inspi(RED)


From The (RED) manifesto :

As first-world consumers, we have tremendous power. What we collectively choose to buy, or not to buy, can change the course of life and history on this planet.

RED is not a charity. It is simply a business model. You buy RED stuff, we get the money, buy the pills and distribute them. They take the pills, stay alive, and continue to take care of their families and contribute socially and economically in their communities. If they don’t get the pills, they die. We don’t want them to die. We want to give them their pills. And we can. And you can. It’s easy. All you have to do is upgrade your choice.

There are so many (RED) products : (RED) phones, (RED) t-shirts, (RED) shoes and more. All you have to do is choose them, with absolutely no money loss compared to other products, and you’ll be supporting the campaign.

Register at :

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Artificial sweetness


I’m falling in love for a Rabbit! It’s my firs time. It’s very easy to worship this lovable white friend with his interchangeable hears. Cousine of Tamagotchi and brother of Furby, Nabaztag is the last technology frontier for artificial intelligents games.

It will probably be the next seasonal torment distributed, of course, first in the US and then sold all around the world. I think that it will come sooner than the iPhone (here in Europe), in the meantime you can buy one at the NabazStore. (he obiouvlsy speaks english). And yes, because he talks, sings, loves and hates your life style, and he’s always learning new things. He can select a playlist for you from a WiFi connection, and you can approve it or ask him to play the next song just using you voice .

Oh my god, there’s more than you can imagine to say, just writing i’m feeling something deep who is growing in myself! Then, Buy or Buy or Buy or wait?

Link: NabazTagWebSite

Store: NabazStore

The video: Digital Bunny

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