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The greatest week

Fashion Week

I know, if you’re interested in this post, probably you think as like me that the paradise was to three feet from your home (not exactly three). Thanks to God internet cut distances and realize a dream, in his way. In this case god’s name is youtube and his messenger angel is the Fashionweek360 channel. Here you’ll fine many interesting videos dedicated to the event, and some exclusives interview behind the scene. Take a look, and make your choice for the next very fashion sesason.


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Democratic Shopping


How many times your budget constrained your shopping amount and at the end you decided to buy the cheapest thing thinking about future bills (especially when it comes to tech)?. If you want the latest design item for Computer, Ipod, USB memory, you indeed need a great amount of money. That’s not true anymore! After the open source revolution, UNI creates this fantastic modular computer with the possibility to expand it time by time, as your needs change.

“UNI is a compartmentalized computer concept by where most of the important media and computational functions have been broken up into modules. You only buy what modules you need thus allowing for expansion. ”

Click the following link to find out more interesting informations about it.

Website: UNI

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Chinese ocean

Have you ever seen sharks and sunbeam under a dry sea? This is a fantastic illusion created in Beijing (China). Set in front of the shopping center “the Place” , this installation creates a wonderful illusion under the roof.

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430 diamonds are forever


Say hi to the world’s most expensive, sparkling and glamorous mp3 player : iDiamond.

Norvegian jeweller Thomas Heyerdahl has recently produced this one piece ipod shuffle (2gb of data storage, but I’m quite sure you don’t really mind this information) made of solid 18 karate white and pink gold and adorned by a total of 430 diamonds (312 for the player and 118 for the earbuds), making it worth €31.000 (US$ 41.000). That’s a bit too much even for us here at Notilicious!

But don’t struggle about it : it’s not for commercial sale. This unique piece will be exposed in the manifacturer’s shop in Oslo until October 1st and then sold on auction. Want to give it a go?

Link :

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Click experience


A click is just a click, but that’s not true when Tokyo.Interactive build the application.

Navigating this essential website you’ll find an infinite number of solutions to manipulate and trasform a click in a fantastic interactive user experience. Use the white space on the top, click on it, and see how a featureless link can be exciting and amazing.

Just the japanes style can be so unique and experimental.

Link: Tokyo.Interactive

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Online bookshelf


If photos have Flickr and videos have Youtube, books have aNobii.

aNobii is a new service that allows you to create your personal online booklist  and show it to the world wide web,  and eventually get in touch with people that share your same books and literary genres.
You can add books to your virtual library using their ISBN codes or simply their titles.

Link :

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What are you doing?


When you have plenty of full time, when you’re bored and have absolutely nothing else to do and feel like minding others’ business (and letting others do the same with you) here comes Twitter, a “global community” where users create blogs answering to one simple question : “What are you doing”?

Answer at :

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