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The greatest week

Fashion Week

I know, if you’re interested in this post, probably you think as like me that the paradise was to three feet from your home (not exactly three). Thanks to God internet cut distances and realize a dream, in his way. In this case god’s name is youtube and his messenger angel is the Fashionweek360 channel. Here you’ll fine many interesting videos dedicated to the event, and some exclusives interview behind the scene. Take a look, and make your choice for the next very fashion sesason.


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Hair Dryer Pistol at No-Daya

This must be the coolest hair dryer ever constructed. Shaped as a gun, you change the temperature and the power with the lever.


It comes in at least two colours (according to the photos; perhaps even more but my japanese is a bit rusty) – pink and baby blue – at a price of about €25.

Immagine how beautiful to dry your hair with a pistol shaped hair dryer? Just like probably Clint Eastwood did before getting ready for his role as Dirty Harry…No-daya

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Your virtual model


If you’re tired of spending half of your shopping time continuously taking off clothes and gettin dressed here’s My Virtual Model, a website that allows you to create a virtual you setting parameters like height, weight, hair colour and haircut, body shape and skin tone, and then try on clothes, accessories and shoes like you were in a real shop.

The site is also affiliated to famous clothing brands like H&M so that you can make your model try pieces from their latest collections.

Link :

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Ulterior Motive.Men’s accessories and fashion from Stockholm

Ulterior Motive.Men’s accessories.

I heard a lot of guys complainig about the same problem: there are a lot of particular “fashion things” for girls in  shops, a lot of beautiful accessories to make their own style unique but then it’s not the same for boys. Street wear is everywhere? You’re not a b-boy? Do you like rare things and precious materials? I have got something for you.

I met Håkan Bruce in Rome about two weeks ago, he’s young, he’s brilliant, he’s a great fashion designer. I love his creations.

To know more about ulteriormotive:

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