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Sia Home


Change your way to think about how many times did you spend to make your plants green and alived.

Sia Home has exaclty what you need to have your home enviroment comfortable and warm. It’s the first time that i found very beatiful flowers and cactus made just with plastic or silicon (i think).

Take a look at them website, and you’ll be the very first housewife just spending some of yours green dollars.



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Hair Dryer Pistol at No-Daya

This must be the coolest hair dryer ever constructed. Shaped as a gun, you change the temperature and the power with the lever.


It comes in at least two colours (according to the photos; perhaps even more but my japanese is a bit rusty) – pink and baby blue – at a price of about €25.

Immagine how beautiful to dry your hair with a pistol shaped hair dryer? Just like probably Clint Eastwood did before getting ready for his role as Dirty Harry…No-daya

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Google Faces


We love it, because it created a new way to search, invented interactive maps, a giga mail and a large range of very interesting tools, everything for free.

This morning I was asking myself if there’s a way to contribute to the Google logotype creation and I found out that there is a name behind all this, the one of who creates those holiday and special days styles for it, and it’s Dennis Hwang .

His online museum is available at the following link where you can see what happened to the logo from the 1999 to 2006.

Link: Google Holiday Logos

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Democratic Shopping


How many times your budget constrained your shopping amount and at the end you decided to buy the cheapest thing thinking about future bills (especially when it comes to tech)?. If you want the latest design item for Computer, Ipod, USB memory, you indeed need a great amount of money. That’s not true anymore! After the open source revolution, UNI creates this fantastic modular computer with the possibility to expand it time by time, as your needs change.

“UNI is a compartmentalized computer concept by where most of the important media and computational functions have been broken up into modules. You only buy what modules you need thus allowing for expansion. ”

Click the following link to find out more interesting informations about it.

Website: UNI

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Hell of the hell


In 2007, thanks to the plastic surgery, even the Devil has a new face, and it’s a cat one. Hello Kitty’s Hell introduce a large range of object for those who live a Kitty life.

Personally I hate this character and her gadgets (but I’m really generous so I’m writing this article anyway).
Take a look at the website, and please opt for something not too much pink…

website: Kitty Hell

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You’re the one that i want


You’re the one that I want. Have a piece of yourself at home. Everybody usually look for a unique painting to complete their personal art collection, to add something special to his unique home furniture selection.

Now this website creates your DNA portrait and prints it in 3 different sizes (S/M/L) creating a fantastic conceptual art to hook up above your sofa. Visit the following website, choose colors and dimensions and wait for the most unique piece you’ve ever had.

website: DNA11

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Nikon’s Arts


Wouldn’t you like to be part of the group that created the biggest picture you’ve ever seen?

Send your photo to the nikon website and you will add your plug to the biggest mosaic work created by professional photographers. That’s the best way to show your talent with your new nikon product.

Website: Nikon is different

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