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To whom it may concern….



Dear future me…

This is the start of the e-mail of the future. No hidden meanings, but literally. Through this website you have the chance to send to your future you a sort of high-tech bottle message. Here’s how it works : you write an e-mail, addressing it either to yourself or a friend, anonimous or public, and set up in advance its delivery date, having the possibility to have it sent at any date up to 50 years in the future!

And then, one very very distant day ahead in time, you will receive this e-mail, and it will make you remember of your past life and a nostalgic tear will come down your cheek…how romantic.

So far, more than 400,000 people (including me) have sent messages to their future selves or loved ones (hoping only that their addressee won’t change e-mail address in the meantime!), and a book has been published with some of them.

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Google Faces


We love it, because it created a new way to search, invented interactive maps, a giga mail and a large range of very interesting tools, everything for free.

This morning I was asking myself if there’s a way to contribute to the Google logotype creation and I found out that there is a name behind all this, the one of who creates those holiday and special days styles for it, and it’s Dennis Hwang .

His online museum is available at the following link where you can see what happened to the logo from the 1999 to 2006.

Link: Google Holiday Logos

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Rainbow at home


If you feel sad, and you need a rainbow in your life, you can use this powerful rainbow generator to create a colorful enviroment in your walls.

You can buy your happyness maker visiting the website just for 35.000 Won (approximately $23), another gift idea for your friends and, why not, for your enemies also.

Link: Site

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