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Nikon’s Arts


Wouldn’t you like to be part of the group that created the biggest picture you’ve ever seen?

Send your photo to the nikon website and you will add your plug to the biggest mosaic work created by professional photographers. That’s the best way to show your talent with your new nikon product.

Website: Nikon is different


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Rainbow at home


If you feel sad, and you need a rainbow in your life, you can use this powerful rainbow generator to create a colorful enviroment in your walls.

You can buy your happyness maker visiting the website just for 35.000 Won (approximately $23), another gift idea for your friends and, why not, for your enemies also.

Link: Site

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Chinese ocean

Have you ever seen sharks and sunbeam under a dry sea? This is a fantastic illusion created in Beijing (China). Set in front of the shopping center “the Place” , this installation creates a wonderful illusion under the roof.

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To be or not to be….gay!


Educate your sons for the future! Gay or not, give them the possibility to be ready for their sexual life. Directly from Sweden the “Grow Up to be Gay” Kit. A revolutionary gift for this Xmas for everyone wants to be original under the tree.

Make the Holy Family open minded.

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Italian flavour


At the 29th October opens the Paul Campani exhibition in Modena (Italy).
An event where “touch”, sketch, drawings, illustration and animation of one of the most important protagonist of italian ad.
You’ll find not just drawings, but also a relevant presence of animation machines  that gave Paul and Max Garnier (his collaborator), the power to animate their funny characters.

An important opportunity to know them, and to visit a wonderful italian city.

Link: Paul Campani

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430 diamonds are forever


Say hi to the world’s most expensive, sparkling and glamorous mp3 player : iDiamond.

Norvegian jeweller Thomas Heyerdahl has recently produced this one piece ipod shuffle (2gb of data storage, but I’m quite sure you don’t really mind this information) made of solid 18 karate white and pink gold and adorned by a total of 430 diamonds (312 for the player and 118 for the earbuds), making it worth €31.000 (US$ 41.000). That’s a bit too much even for us here at Notilicious!

But don’t struggle about it : it’s not for commercial sale. This unique piece will be exposed in the manifacturer’s shop in Oslo until October 1st and then sold on auction. Want to give it a go?

Link :

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Find the inspiration to create your own dish!
You can choose between a great variety of ingredients to cook your original recipe, and then add it to the MyAmoy gallery available to all website users.

We all know how great the power of the internet is, and how much the “second life” is growing up, but this is the first time for me to cook something just using my click.

Link: MyAmoy

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