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Fabulous Mogulus


Until today to satisfy your communications needs you had the possibility to create your own blog using websites you know, or you could publish your video clips on the famous youtube. Now Notilicious has the pleasure to present the last invention created by a company from United States. His name is Mogulus and, first of all, it gives you the possibility to create your personal broadcast tv just using your computer and the webcam.
I met Phil in NY so I had the possibility to explore the exciting enviroment of this fresh studio. Mogulus is the last frontier of your personal comunications attitude, let’s try.

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Be the star!


This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in ages : an auto-generated 3d movie starring – drums’ roll – YOU!

All you have to do is upload a photo of yourself and the program will create a 3d character based on your features. Then you will be asked to “build” your movie by chosing the plot, the character’s attitude, the final enemy, the main scenes, the screen title and even the music.

You will eventually receive an email with a link to your movie and, big surprise, you will be acting in it like the coolest holliwood stars! Great fun, you won’t regret it!

Link : Verizon Action Hero.

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Your virtual model


If you’re tired of spending half of your shopping time continuously taking off clothes and gettin dressed here’s My Virtual Model, a website that allows you to create a virtual you setting parameters like height, weight, hair colour and haircut, body shape and skin tone, and then try on clothes, accessories and shoes like you were in a real shop.

The site is also affiliated to famous clothing brands like H&M so that you can make your model try pieces from their latest collections.

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