The One Million Masterpiece


“The One Million Masterpiece is a global arts project. As a community we are creating a piece of artwork that will provide a unique snapshot of modern society through the eyes of one million people scattered across the world. To do this we are asking artists and non-artists alike to complete one small square of a giant digital canvas. The project is supported by the largest online arts communities, is an official world record holder and aims to raise $5 million for charitable causes. ”

Get involved in the greatest art project ever by just filling your small square box with anything you want : you can draw whatever you feel like using a simple software provided by the site itself. You can take part to it for free, or spontaneously decide to pay to get a full subscription and support their cause.

At the end of the project (scheduled for summer 2008) the One Million Masterpiece will be printed and it will measure 80 metres wide by 31 metres high, and shown as a symbol of global unity. A great exhibition will take place in London where 20 lucky contributors will be invited and provided with paid accomodation and travel. In case you’re not one of them, you can always visit it whenever you want to take a look at your piece of art.

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