Tarina Tarantino


First off, I want that hair.
Then, I want that bag.
I may not need to say more but then someone might ask themselves what I am talking about.

Well, this article’s star is Tarina Tarantino, a well-known designer among the celebrities, whose popularity recently increased thanks to people like Paris Hilton (I wouldn’t ever want to use her name in this blog, although I sadly know it will most certainly increase the hits of our counter) who proudly show themselves all fancied up with her sparkling Hello Kitty (another name I’d rather erase from earth’s face) jewels.
Besides the Hello Kitty things, I have to admit most of her creations are really cute and interesting.
She begun her career by designing and even creating her own jewels, and then started her own brand. Remarkable, ne?
That’s why I really appreciate her work (not considering the fact that she got married surrounded by fuchsia things – even her hair was fuchsia oooh) and recommend it to you.

Funnily enough, I’m afraid you’re not going to be able to buy any of her creations unless you’re not part of the Hilton family. Have a good staring!

The site : TarinaTarantino.com

Posted by : Cat


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