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I’ll take a break from style, fashion and makeup to talk about something slightly different today.
This is for any of you who owns a pet and knows how difficult it is to make them look in the camera as you try to take a picture of their cute faces.
しろねこ ( shironeko = white cat) Holga is a Lomo Holga japanese camera designed by superheadz that plays amusing cat sounds when pressing the activation button in order to catch your pet’s attention.
Hard times are gone! Yay!
The camera uses 35mm film (ISO 200 / 400) and works with two AA batteries.
It is also available in orange with the name of “Nya Nya Holga” (nya nya is the japanese meow).
And last, but not the least, it comes in a very nice tin (I absolutely love japanese packagings! you should as well 😀 )
Ain’t it cute?!

Link to the product site : ShironekoHolga

A video demonstration on Youtube

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