The Pearl Effect


Have you ever wondered why the heck people on television always look that good?
How come do they always have smooth skin and perfect features?
Are they actually perfectly made or do they own a somewhat divine elixir or beauty?
Well, you’ll be happy to know it’s neither the former nor the latter, and their secret has a name : Eve Pearl (!)

Eve Pearl!? I think no name would fit better on a celebrity makeup artist.
I mean, think about it, think about the way it sounds, it’s perfect!
Her parents must have definitely seen her future in that name.

She’s the guru of the gurus in the world of makeup, she can completely transform your face and make you look like you just had a “plastic surgery…without the surgery”
(that is the title of her book, something every woman should own before having any contact with a plastic surgeon).

Take a look at her makeover videos and I’m sure salmon will be your favourite color from today on 😉

Eve’s site with tips, videos and makeup products :

Posted by : Cat


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